We Are Now In The Storytelling Age

Your Story, Like Fire, Can Empower or Destroy

Storytelling: ancient technology that defines us as human. As timeless and powerful as fire, a story has the capability to incite war, transform cultures, heal families, and make us buy stuff we don't need. Stories are powerful. Use yours with skill and confidence.

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Find Your Voice

Creative Storytelling Tips

October 6, 2017

Try these five tips I curated from writers I admire.  You’ll get tips, how to use them, and then a practice exercise for each. Enjoy!

How Should You Tell Your Story?

Louder, With Feeling. And No, No Cow Bell.

Telling your story is one of those things. Simple, not easy.

  • Find Your Voice

    Gosh this was easy for the first, what, maybe 2 years of your life. Depending on how old you are and how difficult you were (are) :) and how many times you've been "shhh'd", well, finding your voice may well be one of the most dangerous yet empowering things you ever do. I cannot wait to help you.

  • Find Your Stage

    It might be Broadway; it might be You Tube; it might be the New York Times; it might be Cyanide and Happiness. A tapestry, a gallery, a Minecraft world. It might be a private journal or the side of a boxcar.

  • Find (and climb onto) Your Soap Box

    Snapchat; Facebook; Instagram; Simon and Shuster; DC or Marvel;

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

    Open that blank page every. single. day. and create. I won't say write, because today, it could be "record" or "draw" or "paint" or "sew" your story. Words on a page are my thing but stories are told in many voices, on many stages. What is yours?

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