The Importance of Your Story

For anyone who does not know my grandmother, one of the most endearing things about her is this ability to tell her story despite obvious facts.

Let me tell you a story:

We were standing at her kitchen counter, eating our lunch, watching the hummingbirds.

I noticed that some stopped to perch and some just hovered while they drank from the feeder.

When I asked her about this, she simply said, “Not all hummingbirds have feet. Some do, some don’t.”

End of story.

I love this about her. Hence the little image I found of the hummingbird.
She’s also one of the main reasons I decided to create this site.

Lesson: It’s your story.

Another story:

A long time ago, my mom gave me the gift of seeing this amazing therapist and Episcopal priest. I went to the session not sure what to expect but midway through found myself seeing a very clear vision in blue and yellow. What I saw were the words

“Create” and “Give Back”

I have been contemplating that session for nearly two decades now.

Lesson: Your quest may appear at an unexpected moment.

Another story:

A really long time ago, I lived in Geneva. I can’t remember if this was the time when I was an exchange student or when I was an au pair. In any case, my exchange  father (who I admired) for some reason felt compelled to tell me that I should be in public relations. That I absolutely should not be a “serious” writer. I weirdly kind of believed him. I weirdly believed a lot of people who for some reason felt compelled to tell me who I was. This is so silly that right now, as I write these words, I am shaking my damn head a bit in disbelief.

Lesson: You’re the hero of your story.

Another story:

The list of people who have encouraged me and mentored me and held me is so long that stories are just flying at me right now. I will say only this: there was a moment, a la Anias Nin, when I just absolutely could not stand to be a bud anymore and needed to bloom. And when I did, the strangest thing happened: mentors appeared. They just kind of showed up. And they held me.

Lesson: When you’re ready, the teacher appears. Really. This one is just plain eerie.

And so it goes. The story continues, the hero gains the courage to tell her own story, learn the necessary lessons, and then gain the strength she needs to lift others up alongside her.

Do you feel like you are a storyteller? That you have a story to tell? Find out…


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