About me, Wendy.

All right. Disclaimer: This is incredibly difficult for me. This is me doing the thing that scares me. Watch this page change and grow as I get more comfortable in this space. Wow. Live, in front of an audience, Wendy is going to grow and stretch and mature…

Who Am I?

Gosh. Let’s see. I was a difficult child by all accounts. A free spirit born to parents who were not ready at all for that challenge.

That start shaped everything that followed.  About me, Wendy.

I’m a writer, teacher, and student of mental health counseling. I’ve finished all the coursework (and then some) toward my MSc in mental health counseling but chose to continue writing and teaching and not finish the internship.

That’s messy but real.

Where it leaves me is, honestly, a writer and teacher for whom everything is infused with mental wellness. When I help brands find their voice or tell their story, or when I am teaching kids — pretty much whatever I do at this point I’m coming from the place of someone who has learned, studied and embodies mental wellness.

Healthy Expression — That’s the key…

Story fascinates me. The white space of what is not said, the background noise obliterating our essence, the still quiet truth we can hear sometimes at 3:00 am, the micro-expressions that give everything away in a split second.

Your story fascinates me. You {people} fascinate me. The idea that when we play {healthy expression!} we learn and grow. When we express ourselves healthfully {play!} — when we write, or draw, or dance, or sew, or spray paint, or tattoo — we discover our true self and take steps to being our own best friend.

Come With Me:

My story is evolving as I grow and learn to express myself. Playing and writing and stretching myself way past my comfort zone.

From the complete silliness of learning Icelandic to the completely inefficient absurd idea that I want to write a screenplay, I am stretching myself daily.

Come with me – learn how to get results from journaling, learn that when you playfully express yourself you actually get smarter 🙂 and healthier. Learn how to write from your heart, bringing your sweet song, your voice, your story to the world.