This site was born of a weird combination of experiences and chance encounters.  And then the work started. And I am still working/playing. Here is what this Storytelling Thing is all about, thus far:

Finding Your Story

I strongly believe that your story matters.

Telling Your Story

I very strongly believe that you own your story. You choose what to tell, when, and to whom.

Telling Your Story Well

It starts with finding your story, then beginning to tell it. If that telling remains raw in your journal, so be it.

I deeply believe, though, that stories resemble gems.

They enjoy a raw rough beauty when originally hewn from the earth. And that may well be enough.

But some stories beg us to polish them. I believe you start with digging up your stories. Mining them. Carefully bringing them to the surface. Noticing a few that beckon. Washing the dirt off. Holding them in your hand, turning them as you begin to see the facets, the complexity, the truth inside. A glimmer.

And those stories, I strongly believe, you should then polish, hone, protect and then share. They will help to light the world.

What You Can Do Here

This site, then, I suppose, is a bit of a quarry, a bit of a lapidary’s workbench.


  • personal growth work to find your story
  • realize your story is yours
  • know that your story is beautiful as is
  • know deeply that you may have been shushed too often
  • learn that your voice matters

Lapidary’s Workbench:

  • you can learn to tell your story
  • the world needs your story
  • your story can be polished (lovingly)
  • story is not grammar and spelling but these can be used to make your story more beautiful
  • your voice needs to be heard

I am a student/teacher.

My true passion comes from this combination:

  • Student of storytelling by way of:
    • the requisite English/French literature diplomas/degree
    • UC Berkeley extension Bay Area Writers Project
    • member of the Pasadena Screenwriters Meetup 🙂
    • semi-finalist in NYC Midnight Storytelling Competition
    • 5 time NANOWRIMO finisher 🙂
    • travel — around the world, working and visiting & experiencing story
  • Content strategist for a pretty diverse set of companies (oh, excuse me…”brands”)
  • Student of mental health counseling

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