You have a story to tell.


Let me rephrase that:

You have a story you tell. Each day, each moment, you are living your story. The things you tell, the things you choose not to tell.

The way you close yourself up or spill yourself out. It’s all you, telling your story. Expressing yourself.

Express Yourself Well — Playful and Strong

Story Power is all about finding the story you want to tell and telling it well. That journey of self discovery can feel scary and big sometimes.

But when you break it down into easily digested, fun and playful activities…well…you take one step after the other and after awhile you realize that you’re smiling more, feeling confident and full of self compassion.

You have friends, but your best friend is yourself. You can play, you laugh more. People comment that you look years younger (okay….screetch…maybe that’s a bit much)

But I will betcha you get compliments on looking healthy…

So – Where do you start, you ask?

Learning to express yourself can begin in lots of ways. Just doing some creative writing exercises can help.

Starting a journal can lead to awesome self discovery.

Befriending your inner critic might be where you should start…

or maybe you simply need permission to realize that yes, you are a storyteller.

Finding Your Story

I strongly believe that your story matters.

Telling Your Story

I very strongly believe that you own your story. You choose what to tell, when, and to whom.

Telling Your Story Well

It starts with finding your story, then beginning to tell it. If that telling remains raw in your journal, so be it.

I deeply believe, though, that stories resemble gems.

They enjoy a raw rough beauty when originally hewn from the earth. And that may well be enough.

But some stories beg us to polish them. I believe you start with digging up your stories. Mining them. Carefully bringing them to the surface. Noticing a few that beckon. Washing the dirt off. Holding them in your hand, turning them as you begin to see the facets, the complexity, the truth inside. A glimmer.

And those stories, I strongly believe, you should then polish, hone, protect and then share. They will help to light the world.

And Then There’s Me…

In case you want to know a bit about me {Wendy} and why I decided to share this with you, go ahead, see what you think of my about me page. It scared the bejeezus out of me to write it.